Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Colossal Kajal 12hr my take on it :D

New Colossal Kajal 12hr my take on it :D

hello All..

today I am gonna review the most popular kajal in town.. yes its the one and only colossal kajal by Maybelline.. this kajal was launched almost 2 years ago.. but with the staying power  for only 6 hrs.
now when its been relaunched the have upgraded the formula with the lasting power of 12 hrs yaaayyyy !!!!

what Maybelline claims..

picture courtesy google.

price- 175/- for 0.35gm.

So now as Maybelline says its darker then before I totally agree on that it is more intense black then before.
Its glids on smoothly no tugging or pulling required at all :) thats one more good point for the kajal (y)
as i work 12 hrs a day i have to be sure I am not looking bad afterall being an make up artist is not an easy job.
I have to look good all the time. and for that Colossal kajal is always a saviour. it dose not stay for 12hr to be honest bt it doesnt even fades away totally.
after 6-7 its starts smudging but not to much so it gives me a good smuged smokey kinda look which i dont mind keeping on :D
my teddy

loves my kajal too <3

this is exactly half of the product i got so excited using my kajal that I forgot clicking the picture before :P 
its the same mechanical pencil as before to no sharpnening and wasteing of product <3

well this was my simple yet bold :P look for a girls day out :)
the kajal is so dark that its pops out even from my glasess hehehe :P

Pros:- :D
 intense black <3
stay for good 6-7 hrs.

cost effective :D
gives smokey effects when starts fading (y)

Cons :- :(

does not stays for 12 hrs :'(
its ends up very soon (as you can see i use a lot of product every single time) so its actualy not a con :P

Ratings :- 4.5 

Would i buy again ?
uufff obviouslyy i use only colosaal since its launched :P so no other option :D

Have you tried the very New colossal kajal 12hrs yet ?
do lemme knw how you felt it was :)


everyone is loving this one.. yes possible that it gets over soon.. will try this sometime soon.. nice review :)

ya i too love to use Maybelline Kajal since it is launched.
Glad to know that it is more darker than before,that was the only drawback which i also felt before...but now I am happy by reading your review....nice review...
Yo am a Maybelline girl :D <3

lips hehehehe mayblline sista :P >>:D<<

Nice review :) You have applied it beautifully <3

hey vipra thank u so much :D

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