dual celebration dual giveaway

maybelline, oriflame, victoria secret, nyx and jewellery giveaway

festive offers grab them before to late

to make ur shopping easy here is my post for you all

Recieved a gift, prize or a token of love

this post is all about the gift tht i just gt from one of ma very very beautyfull friend. her name is "kriti Dhir" and guys she is a fab make up artist

REVEIW: Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstic

today i m reveiwng Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstick in "Vibrant Peach"

My small oriflame haul

beauty realted questions do let me know by commenting below

My very first NOTD is here

ma first NOTD with VERNIS A ONGLES i got a gift set of this which had four different colour

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Thursday, November 3, 2011

dual celebration dual giveaway.........

maybelline, oriflame, victoria sceret, nyx and jewlery giveaway......

hello all my lovely ladies...
i known i have been missing for quite long...
sorry techically problem it was...
welll now i am back with my very first giveaway for you all...
and as the tag of the post is dual celebration dual giveaway..
so yes there are two prizes for two resons..
first is that my blog will be 6 months old next month and secondly its my birthday too... yaayyyy... so double giving away time....
the giveaway is not internatinall i am sorry for tht..
the giveaway starts from today and will end on ma birthday yes it will end on 1 dec and the results will be out on 3rd December.
the result will be first out on the page so be regular..
in between there gonna be many exciting thing in this giveaway so don't miss any chance to come and sneak in..

so as there are two prizes one of them is been sponsered by my friend from Paradiso-The style store

now here it is what she has given away for you all...

 this are the two beautifull jewleryy pices that we have chossen to give you all...
the first is a very unique five hearts ring its a two finger adjustable ring. and the second is two owl pair neck piece...
aim't they beautyfull... i love them hope you all too..

this two are not two differnt prizws but only one..
the other prise is a bag full of make up goodies i am bnot reveling that now to see how many of you are really exicted to get make up has there prizes...
so now quickly lets go through the rules'

mandatory rules"
1> first off all you have to answer a simple question..
which was you best birthday ever.. and how did you celebrated it...
the best answer will be picked up as first place winner..
2> you should be a G.F.C ((google friend connect) follower of this blog
3> you need to like the facebook page mhendi and make up by bhumika
4> you need to like the facebook page of Paradiso-the style store
 al this were mandatory rules... guys there are two prizes and two winner .
first place winner will be picked up by the jury.. and the second one by random.org..
never the less if we get a good response we can pick a third surprise winner too...
so the first winner will have the choice to either go with jewelery or make up.. the second will get what is left.

now the extra entries:-
post about the giveaway on your blog  (3 entries)
post about the blog in your blogs side bar (2 entries)
post about the giveaway on your face book profile  (3 entries)
shout out about the Mhendi and Makw up by Bhumika page on your facebook profile each time (1 entry)
you can do a shout-out daily and u get one extra entry daily..
get a friend to this blog and if they write that you sent them (+1 entry)

so nothing much in all 14 entries you have although you can increase your chance by doing a shout out daily..
when you like the page of Paradiso-The style store you  need to write on there wall enter me so that we could know..

now how you will comment below.
1> answer to the question
2> g.f.c name
3> facebook name
4> did you like Paradiso-the style store page- yes/no
5> blog url
6> side bar url
7> your facebook url if posted about the giveaway
8> the most important one which gift you would love to receive if you get the first prize
  The jewelry or the make up
so that we could be clear....

show your love galss and the make up goodies will soon be revealed hope you all excited.....

if any query feel free to talk to me on facebook,,,,,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

festive offers grab them before to late.. by oriflame..

 hello guys how are you all. festive season is here and all might be busy in shopping right.. to make ur shopping easy here is my post for you all...
below are the pages from this month catloge of oriflame.... some really interesting offer for you all don't miss them...

first off all my favorite bronzing pearls which are re-introduced this month... at very very reasonable price trust me guys you wont ever get them in this price again..

now come rest all of the lovely product on really nice discounted price..
go on and choose your favorite  product..

i hope this post was helpful for all of you..
you can contact me any time if you wish to buy any of the products..
you can comment below or mail me at sajnani.bhumika@gmail.com
also if any query related any product do lemme know...
i am also available on Facebook almost throughout the day mehnedi and makeup be bhumika
so see you all soon take care....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Look to kill…. party look..

Look to kill…. party look..

Heyyyllooo everyone…
Today the look I am doing for you all is dark bold party look…. You can call it dramatic eye look..
So lets start with the very first this that is priming ur eye lid.. well you can use any primer you like I personnaly use my foundation to do so…

After priming I have used blue eye glide pencilfrom lakme to line the upper lash line..

Nice blue color right. I loved it..
then smudge this color on all over lid….

Smudge this base as it will make the color now to be appled more visible…
now apply the nice sea blue shade on your eye lid..

After this take a greyish black shade and apply it from the center of the lid till the outer corner…

Blend blend blend..the blending process comes…..
blend  it all over the the lid… till the inner corner…
here it is how it will look..

now we can see that we a got a totally new shade its like grayish black with blue undertone..
so to make blue visible we willline our lower lash line with blue eye shade…

We can always clear the fall out….

Ahaa after this highlighting take a shimmery white shade I have used shimmery losse white eye shade to highlighting…

Line your upper lash line with ur favourite liner I am using gel liner
as we have alredy used bold colors for our eyes don’t  go for thick liner instead go for thinner one..

After this apply your favourite mascara and our look is ready to goo…

So the finallook is below

Products used are….

Hope you all loved and yes one more thing with this eye look dark lips are a big no no…go for nude lips and ready to kill…
enjoy the look… will be back with many such others….

Sunday, September 11, 2011

REVEIW: Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstic.....

hello people today i m reveiwng Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstick in "Vibrant Peach"

Now lets see what Oriflame has to say for there product??
-Get sheer high gloss coverage in intense shades you love. Specially designed packaging for every facet of you!!!!!!!!!1

  price- 169

  wt- 4g.

 as the company says it gives a glossy effect i really loved it as it looks more like a gloss than a lipstick when applied..
the whole range of lip mania has great shades all of them are worth having with...
the staying power.. its not that bad its stays near to 3-4 hrs.. it may fade but after fading it looks like u have applied a lip satin as only the glossy effect flies away leaving behind a nice nude color to lips..


without flash..

with flash....
now lets talk about the packaging...
the packaging is really attractive.. its comes in a plastic transparent case..
there are different color heels over different shades..
whole detail about the the product is given on the lipstick...

good points..
-delivers what promises.
-attractive  packaging
-pocket friendly.
-last pretty well.
-has a tender smell..

bad points.
-not available in market..
u need to find a oriflame consultant to get this..
the name of the lipstick is vibrant peach.. whereas the color is no close to peach at all. it belongs to the pink family..
u might gt a bit confused with the name and color because the flirty pink is more like perfect pink..
other than this i don't find any bad point about this product..

hope this gives a better idea for the color..

rating. i would give 4/5 to the product..

the actual cost of the lipstick is 169 but u can gt in less when in offer.. i got it in quite nice price as i m a consultant to oriflame..

if any doubt or need to know about any oriflame product comment bellow or mail me at "bnb_luv@yahoo.com"

For any oriflame products in mumbai contact at bnb_luv@yahoo.com
link for the current catalogue is as below..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Recieved a gift, prize or a token of love watever u say by a beautyfull friend....

heyy all ma lovlyy gals over here this post is all about the gift tht i just gt from one of ma very very beautyfull friend....... her name is "kriti Dhir" and guys she is a fab make up artist...... u all should check her page KritiDS-The Makeup Artist must check her page out galss.. if u like ma work u will love hers....

ok so now about the gift i got from her is for a contest she did few time ago the theme was arabic eye look.. although i didnt win the first prize which was a 88 palatte of costal ascent :-( .. bt never the less she liked ma work and decide to make three winner than one......

what she sent me....

she sent me a NYX auto pencil in black.. ELLE 18 two nail pop nail paints and one ELLE 18 black eye liner..
kriti i m totaly lovng this thngs thnk u so much for all this..

now lets see how does dhe courierd me everythng..

You all can see how nicelyy everythng was packed it came in box with 5-6 rolls of thick bworn cello tape.. the box was black ussaly the one in which URBAN TOUCH send there courier.. i love the box its ma thrd one.... inside it the products were nicely bubble wrapped so that nothng would be broken or gt dagmed... love the packng too...

And finnaly the look for which i got all this is as beloww..
this is ma black and whit dramatic arabic look done for her contest.....
i hope u all liked the post
see you all soon
and ladies come join me on ma fb page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mehndi-and-Makeup-by-Bhumika/142281302523036 wil meet u all there......... til thn take care and stay gorgeouss....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

tutorial for the pink blue party look...

 this is the finall look for which the tutorial is all about... so now here below is the step by step tutorial for this gorgeous lookng very simple to do eye look.... here is goes..

 first of all prime your eyes for the eye shadow base or you can use your foudation also... prime it nicelyy..

 then from the inner corner start with pink color till the center if ur eye ball..

 use medium blue color form the middle to the outer corner u can shape it as u want..
after applyng the color blend them welll..

 after the two colors use a bit darker pink thn befor and blend it well in ur crease for the perect look....

 i have extended it a little outward while blending the colors..

 apply the lineer how ever u like i have used gel liner to give a bit of fadish look..... at the end i have made a little wing from the liner and also applied the same gel liner in ma water line...

so here is the finnal look hope u all like it...

product used...
light pink color from ma 96 pallate
blue loose shimmer pigment
for the crease use darker pink from the 96 pallete..
maybeline gel liner
oriflame mascara
maybelline water shine lipstick in Extatic coral no 427..

you all can get in touch with me on ma face book page Mhendi and Make up by Bhumika 
so see you all soon......

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