Monday, October 10, 2011

Look to kill…. party look..

Look to kill…. party look..

Heyyyllooo everyone…
Today the look I am doing for you all is dark bold party look…. You can call it dramatic eye look..
So lets start with the very first this that is priming ur eye lid.. well you can use any primer you like I personnaly use my foundation to do so…

After priming I have used blue eye glide pencilfrom lakme to line the upper lash line..

Nice blue color right. I loved it..
then smudge this color on all over lid….

Smudge this base as it will make the color now to be appled more visible…
now apply the nice sea blue shade on your eye lid..

After this take a greyish black shade and apply it from the center of the lid till the outer corner…

Blend blend blend..the blending process comes…..
blend  it all over the the lid… till the inner corner…
here it is how it will look..

now we can see that we a got a totally new shade its like grayish black with blue undertone..
so to make blue visible we willline our lower lash line with blue eye shade…

We can always clear the fall out….

Ahaa after this highlighting take a shimmery white shade I have used shimmery losse white eye shade to highlighting…

Line your upper lash line with ur favourite liner I am using gel liner
as we have alredy used bold colors for our eyes don’t  go for thick liner instead go for thinner one..

After this apply your favourite mascara and our look is ready to goo…

So the finallook is below

Products used are….

Hope you all loved and yes one more thing with this eye look dark lips are a big no no…go for nude lips and ready to kill…
enjoy the look… will be back with many such others….


Hey u have explained each step so well..with perfect pics ! Good work!

thnksss viraj.... means a lot

Hey u r welcome! ur work is really good yaar..

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