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Recieved a gift, prize or a token of love

this post is all about the gift tht i just gt from one of ma very very beautyfull friend. her name is "kriti Dhir" and guys she is a fab make up artist

REVEIW: Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstic

today i m reveiwng Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstick in "Vibrant Peach"

My small oriflame haul

beauty realted questions do let me know by commenting below

My very first NOTD is here

ma first NOTD with VERNIS A ONGLES i got a gift set of this which had four different colour

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Welcome to my blog

Please keep visiting this space for regular gyans, tutorials and tricks on how to do mehndi

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HAUL, HAUL, HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana............

HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.

Oh yess I hauled after a long time and really it was much much awaited one for me as loads of work coming on my head the wedding season is on and also few shoots so I am not gonna get any time to shop again.. 
so basically this would be my Diwali and birthday haul as i m already working on my birthday :P
So lets see what all i bought :D

HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.

HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.

HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.
HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.

HAUL, Faces, NYX, L'oreal, Essence,Colorbar, Jordana.

 so what all I bought is..
NYX powder blush in cocoa.
NYX losse powder
NYX lip pencil 846 Tangerine
NYX lip pencil 817 hot red
Jordana eye liner pencil 03 Brown
Jordana sharpner
Faces metalic glow no 3
Faces ultime prolong wear matte lipstic 07 Read My Lips
Faces long wear eye pencil Black
Faces Go Chic Lipstic 511 Tango
Faces Go Chic Lipgloss coral crush 19
Faces Go Chic Eye shadow quad
L'oreal infaillible eye shadow in Endless Chocolate 012
L'oreal infaillible eye shadow in  All Night Blue 006
L'oreal Paris Super Liner (gel liner :P )
Essence 2 in 1 volume mascara
Colorbar smoking eye smudger brush.
Colorbar eyelluring eye shadow brush

For individual pictures of this products you can stay connected on my FB page Here..

So, yay that's it this was my shopping for now and yes you can expect a lot of reviews coming up you can always comment and let me know which product's review you would like to see first :P

Till I use them and let you all know how I felt about all my lovely make up products you all have a great time loads of love <3 :*

Friday, October 11, 2013

Maybelline the Color Show Nail Nolor 215 Keep up the flame:Review, NOTD

Maybelline the Color Show Nail Nolor 215 Keep up the flame:Review, NOTD

Maybelline recently launched a new range of nail colors named The Color Show Nail Color see the launch event here :)

Today I am reviewing a very beautyful cherry red color name Keep up the flames...

Mrp - 75/-

Packaging :
Personally I really liked the packaging its very cute the black cap has the name written on top with product code.. and also the range name written in bold letter "Maybeline The color show"..
Its a really cute bottle <3
the black cap as applicator attached to it. applicator has synthetic bristles of good quality gives proper and equal application..

My verdict : Its a really preety bright cherry red color. The gel formula helps it to dry soon. I really liked this color because I am a black person so this red will always compliment my outfits. More over the nail color sets off giving a very glossy effect you really dont need a top coat. But yes to save it from chipping off soon you'll need a top coat. its totally on you. I didnt put  a top coat on my nails because I really liked the way it was :D

I read few review where people said it starts chipping off the same day but for me it stayed for like good 3 days after that it started chipping off from the tip but then its okay :)....

It gives a opaque color in single swipe so thats again good thing dont have to wait for the second coat at all...

"All in all a very good range introduced by maybelline in very good price no wonder this is gonna be the most popular product by Maybelline launched till date in India"...

Pros: -Great color <3
-Value for money
-glossy effect no need of a top coat
-dries quickly
-good range of colors

Cons :- nothing for now :P
its a great product :D

So I hope you like my review on this.
Do lemme know how you find the MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW NAIL COLOR :)

Disclaimer : Pr product but honest review..

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black Smokey eyes never been so easy.......

Black Smokey eyes never been so easy.........

hello ladies..
today I am gonna do a make up look it was a friend's wish to see on me and so thought of making a tutorial on it..
yes I am gonna do the very popular black smokey eyes and I promise you its gonna be very easy yet sexy..

Its gonna be fun ladies and with the stuff you already own :D
lets see the final look first :P

so lets get started..
First of all clean your face properly..
now prime your eyes with your favorite eye primer.
if you don't have primer you can also use creame foundation I use to do that before..

primer should be in very little  quantity otherwise your eyes shadow will start creasing...
hhmmm so after priming your eyes now take your gel liner I have used Maybelline black gel liner..

as you can see I have just applied the gel liner in no special way just apply it how ever no proper line or something...
now take your smudger brush and smudge it all over towards the outer corner of your eye no need to be neat at all :P

keep on smudging till you are satisfied with it..
take it as much out as you want no worries of shape and shade..

after this take a matte black eye shadow place it on your lash line and like we did with the liner and smudge again...

smudge it very nicely there should be no harsh line at all..
once your satisfied with the smudged look now time for making the perfect shape so here comes the savior cotton ear bud.
take one bud dab it in the make up remover very little quantity and now clean all the excess eye shadow that came out of your eye lid give a perfect shape..

Next step is take your khol or kajal apply it on your waterline and a yes again smudge smudge smudge :D
I have used colossal kajal see the review here....

Add liner on your lash line the best would be winged liner...

so basically we are done now only highlight part remains..
 use a shimmery highlighter at your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes..
this will make your eye look a bit bright and open....

last but not the the least add heavy coat of mascara I used maybelline hyper curl mascara...

so we are done with our eye look now you just need to do your foundation, cheeks and lips..
i m giving you two choices to make one is in pink lips and other in red you can go with your comfort zone..
as everyone does not feel comfortable with red..




hope you all like this tutorial any question you have in mind you can comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible....
see you soon..
till then take care and do lemme me know how your smokey look came out :D

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maybelline launches the COLOR SHOW NAIL COLORS.... !!

Maybelline launches the color show nail clors

Ok so i posted those pictures to show you what exactly Maybelline has come out with...
this are those lovely 40 popy shades that mayeblline has introduced in India...

About the launch of Color show nail color range..

Maybelline officialy launched this range on 5th of october at The phonix mall palladium with its very own brand ambasdor Alia Bhatt....

So that was an oficial info, now ill give you the inside veiw and details off the launch :P

All right as we enterd the venue its was in an open area so i thought may be the crowd wont lets us enjoy the launch. But then there was a preety good arrangment done for all the press members, bloggers, and guest...

This was the set which was all set for the launch of the Color show Nail color..
in the picture above you can see Maybelline marketing manager Miss leena who came up to speak about the brand and the product..
she told us why she loves being a part of maybelline..
In her words Maybelline is a brand for young women who loves to play with colors, who is very edgey and experimental..
maybelline is very pocket freindly so girls never hesitate to experiment with it :)

After the sucess of recently launched colossal kajal 12hr (read the review here), Bold matte lipstics, baby lips and many more They finally launched The Color show Nail colors at just rs 75/-
now that wath i call an bonus launching such an product at such time when all the festivals and wedingS are on it way to come...

oki loads off talks so ill reveal the look of maybelline's brand ambassador Alia Bhatt...


here she enters in this lovely blue jump suits she looked a doll in it..
she paired it with those beautyfull fusia pink stiletto heel.. not that heavy make up but i loved her fusia pink lips...

just after coming on stage she was invited to launch the all new Color show nail color range..

 I loved the pink bottle there...

while the Q$A session was on with Alia was on few of them i'll share with you all.

when asked is she conisious about andorsing a brand or product and what she thinks about Maybelline??

Alia says yes she is very much concious about andorsing a brand as that shows your personality and who you are..
she likes being a part of maybelline because again like miss Leena she thikns mayblline is one Big Brand which serves best for the young girls of her age..
she says unlike the other young girls even she likes to experiment with diffrent colors and look..
so definately she would go for mayebelline anytime...

Few looks created on alia...

told you a lot about the event now its time to tell you all about the the Color show nail paints..

this are those lovely 40 colors which are just launched at just rs 75/-
personally i loved them and the price in what they come in I am gonna have them all..
not only the lovely colors but they have very innovative name to..
like berry sexy, keep up the fire, devils wear purple and so on..
loving the range..

so what aybelline has to say about this product..

maybelline New York presents New color SHOW
our gel based formula with color popping pigments comes in 40 super stylish shades, at an attractive  price of Rs 75/- only.
shades to suit every style mood.
Now everday is show time...

it was a great event and yes we got a goodiee bag too..

i got this too lovey nail colors named as keep up the fire and buried treasure..
a nail art sticker a cd with add and details and rest goodiess..

got a chance too meet my blogger friends too yaay..
in center its me. then on right sonal and rishab
guys thy have a wonderful youtube channel do visit it here

it was quite a long post but wanted to tell u all..
i will be reviewing the nail paints soon till then take care love you all :* :*

if you alredy tried The Color Show Nail colors do lemme knw how you find it :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Colossal Kajal 12hr my take on it :D

New Colossal Kajal 12hr my take on it :D

hello All..

today I am gonna review the most popular kajal in town.. yes its the one and only colossal kajal by Maybelline.. this kajal was launched almost 2 years ago.. but with the staying power  for only 6 hrs.
now when its been relaunched the have upgraded the formula with the lasting power of 12 hrs yaaayyyy !!!!

what Maybelline claims..

picture courtesy google.

price- 175/- for 0.35gm.

So now as Maybelline says its darker then before I totally agree on that it is more intense black then before.
Its glids on smoothly no tugging or pulling required at all :) thats one more good point for the kajal (y)
as i work 12 hrs a day i have to be sure I am not looking bad afterall being an make up artist is not an easy job.
I have to look good all the time. and for that Colossal kajal is always a saviour. it dose not stay for 12hr to be honest bt it doesnt even fades away totally.
after 6-7 its starts smudging but not to much so it gives me a good smuged smokey kinda look which i dont mind keeping on :D
my teddy

loves my kajal too <3

this is exactly half of the product i got so excited using my kajal that I forgot clicking the picture before :P 
its the same mechanical pencil as before to no sharpnening and wasteing of product <3

well this was my simple yet bold :P look for a girls day out :)
the kajal is so dark that its pops out even from my glasess hehehe :P

Pros:- :D
 intense black <3
stay for good 6-7 hrs.

cost effective :D
gives smokey effects when starts fading (y)

Cons :- :(

does not stays for 12 hrs :'(
its ends up very soon (as you can see i use a lot of product every single time) so its actualy not a con :P

Ratings :- 4.5 

Would i buy again ?
uufff obviouslyy i use only colosaal since its launched :P so no other option :D

Have you tried the very New colossal kajal 12hrs yet ?
do lemme knw how you felt it was :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

shimmery light green and brown EOTD


so after a very long time I am back here with loads and loads of stuff for you all...
I really missed it a lot but what to do was quite bizi with work and all..
but now promise i'll be regular to post stuff for you all..
i have already plan lots of things but you all can always send me your ideas on "sajnanibhumika@gmail.com"
i'll be doing loads of make up looks for you so just keep updating your wish on any color theme or just anything..

for a start today i have a done a very suttle bt yet classy eye look which u can easily carre with ur brown, golden or may be green dress or saree..
its kind of party make up..
so here it goes...


1> wash your face with your favourite cleanser.
2> moisturize it atlest 10 min b4 your make up so that your skin absorbs ot all..
3> you can do your foundation first and then go for your eye make up..
in my case i have done my eye make up first and thn the foundation because many time our eye showdow have some fall out which ruins your foundation...

4> prime ur eye with your favourite eye primer i use
BHARATH & DORRIS eye primer..
5> Now i have taken this eautyful shimmer green color from my inner corner till the middle that the eye lid area.
this is ADS shimmery losse eye shadow blends well and stays for quite decent time iff applied with a good primer..
as this is a loose shimmery eye shadow dnt take much of it a very little does it work quite well..

6> now second color that i took was golden brown..
this color again had a very bit of shimer in it but it looked really good with green..
take the color and apply it at the outer corner of your lid and blend it towards the center..
i use the sponge applicator beacuse that is one thing that gives the best result no doubt all brushes do the same but my personal love is sponge applicator.

7> now this alone looks a bit dull so add a bit darker brown on the edge at outer corner of the lid and blend it well...
applying colors it not that difficult all you have to take care is the shape that you are making and the blending thing..
use as manny colors u want 1, 2, 3, 4, or may b 5 also but try to blend blend blend it very well..
if you can do this both things well you can do almost any eye look..
lets see the pic for it..

as i told you i m back after long time and i was so excited taht i could not wait for my cam to come back :(
i clicked all my picz from my ipod so picture quality may be a bit bad..
plz bare with me ill soon get my cam back :)

8> as we are done with the shadows its time for mr.black to come in yo i am talking about the liner.
pick up your fav liner and go as long as you like i have taken my maybeliine gel liner and have done a very small extension a tiny wing you can say..

9> i have applied a very bit of golden brown eye shadow on the lower lid it is hardly visible in pic bit there..
also kajal. khol or may be gel liner u can use for your water line i have used the same gel liner..

10> last but not least comes the mascara..
apply as mush as you like or go for false lashes its all up to you..
i have used my orifalme girodani gold mascara..

so yes we can say this the finaall look of the shimery green and brown eye look..

as i told you i m back after long time and i was so excited taht i could not wait for my cam to come back :(
i clicked all my picz from my ipod so picture quality may be a bit bad..
plz bare with me ill soon get my cam back :)

i hope you alll like it..
will be waiting for your response :D

product use..

foundation- bharath n dorris
blush- bharath n dorris
eye base- bharath n dorris
green shimer eye shadow- ads
golden brown eye shado- kiss beauty
darsk brown eye shadow- kiss beauty
lip stick- coloressence.
liner- maybelline gel liner
mascara- oriflame giordani gold.

see you all very sson >>:D<<
loads of love.

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